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Many thanks to our friend and site follower from France, Tristan, who again, has come through with a modern take on a vintage World War II photograph.  The comparable shots are from the town of Bad Lobenstein, Germany, near the Czech border. The top photo dates circa 1980.  The bottom pic is from April 1945, [...]

Here we go!  Our man, Tristan, on location in France, has again offered us the opportunity to view a World War II setting, through today’s lens. On April 4, just last week, our 90th Infantry Division Picture of the Week featured a shot from Chambois, France, during the Battle for Falaise Gap. Minus the soldiers [...]

Last Thursday, we ran a post regarding a most interesting wayside cross.  If you remember the site lies at the intersection of roads D-15 and D-24, just west of Pont l’Abbe in the Normandy region of France. Hobert Winebrenner, author of BOOTPRINTS,  and his unit, the 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division, helped liberate the area.  [...]

For those dedicated followers of the site, you might remember last Monday we featured a World War II, 90th Infantry Division photo from Chambois, France.  The 90th ID experienced heavy fighting in the Chambois area during the Battle of the Falaise Gap in August 1944. Our historian friend from France, Tristan, who lives in the [...]

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