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In what promises to be one of our country’s final World War II memoirs, BOOTPRINTS has saved the best for last. Winebrenner and McCoy walk you through the worst imaginable—life along Northern Europe’s front lines.
- Rick Batholomew, USMC Vietnam Veteran, author of Dig In and publisher of Nam Magazine.

I couldn’t put BOOTPRINTS down, finishing it the day I started! …Experience life in the Army Infantry through Recon Sergeant Hobert Winebrenner’s eyes—the destruction he saw, the death and filth he lived with daily, the comradeship and heroism he’ll never forget. …It’s a vivid, engrossing account.”
- Neil Case, US Navy Captain (ret.) and syndicated newspaper columnist.

A truly moving tribute, BOOTPRINTS speaks for not only one, but for all GIs. …This fighting man’s anthem reminds us that war is the most savage and uncivilized undertaking humanity shall ever endure.
- Ralph M. Knox, US Army Air Corps Veteran, WWII POW (held 40 months in a Japanese prison camp) and author of The Emperor’s Angry Guest.

BOOTPRINTS marches you into battle with the true heroes of the war—those who won the victory. …Winebrenner and McCoy tell it like it was—the horror and hell of it all. …It’s the best book I’ve ever read about life and death at the front.
- William M. McConahey, M.D., WWII battalion surgeon and author of Battalion Surgeon.

BOOTPRINTS: AN INFANTRYMAN’S WALK THROUGH WORLD WAR II is a ‘tell-it-like-it-was’ memoir… . Right from the beginning, I found it difficult to put this book down. …BOOTPRINTS … doesn’t disappoint. …I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in World War II.
- Brian Williams, Military History Online (Read Full Review)

BOOPRINTS reveals an up-close and personal view of the war that transformed a century, and the ordinary people who risked and sometimes gave up their lives.
- Midwest Book Review

BOOTPRINTS exemplifies the ultimate accounting of WWII as told by Hobert Winebrenner. Mike McCoy has done a superb job of combining the raw horrors of war with the pride and brotherhood of the men who fought for our freedom. It is written in such a way that I felt all the emotions so graphically portrayed. I am privileged to own this book.
- Eleanor Bertrand, author of Tours of Duty.

This is a tremendous personal account of the horrors of war experienced firsthand by an infantry soldier in WWII. … It is a historically accurate, compelling story of heroic actions, tremendous struggles and heart-wrenching sacrifices. Personal experiences and anecdotes of those with whom Hobert served along with the many personal photographs help the reader to sense the intensely personal nature of this work. This is an outstanding read!!
- Jerry Wiley, author of Captain Mac.

A very good soldier’s tale of the war, worth reading for anyone interested in the American infantryman.
- Dr. Albert Nofi, New York Military Affairs Symposium Review.

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