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Thousands of our aging war veterans pass with each new day. So too, their stories disappear—firsthand history gone forever. But what to do?

EVERYTOWN, USA follows one man’s race against the clock, to save his community’s military history before time closes the door. Albion, Indiana, an even mix of farms and factories, serves as the backdrop. Not unlike any other similarly-sized town in the Midwest, or country for that matter, Albion has a story to tell. Its citizens battled at Gettysburg, stormed Normandy’s beaches, froze at the Chosin Reservoir, slopped through the Mekong Delta and fought for Iraqi freedom. But few knew of them, even in their own hometown. Michael McCoy pledged to change all that.

EVERYTOWN, USA tells the story of one community’s fight, FROM MAIN STREET TO THE FRONT LINES, from the American Revolution to the War in Iraq.

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