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As a history junkie, I am, of course, fascinated by historical artifacts.  I get especially excited by war memorabilia.  From time to time, we feature a post dubbed, Remnants From War. This offering comes to us from a friend and follower of the site, Christine Bogert DePonte.  If you’ll remember, her uncle, John Bogert, died [...]

Dale Weber served in World War II with the 816th Ordnance Company in Northern Europe.  He wrote this short note home in September 1943, while in England, preparing supplies for the Normandy Invasion. “I thought I had better write and let you know that I am in England. “I would like to know if any [...]

This past Saturday marked the anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War.  North Korean forces invaded South Korea on June 25, 1950.  Combined American and United Nations troops soon intervened and pushed the enemy to the Yalu River.  Communist China countered, ensuring that there would be no quick resolution.  The conflict would last a [...]

Good morning to all!  Monday morning means 90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week.  This shot comes to us from Camp Barkeley, Texas, where the 90th Infantry Division trained prior to their departure overseas.  Private Lew Blakeslee, from Cuero, Texas, served with the 315th Engineers, 90th Infantry Division in World War I.  Here he is [...]

What’s new this week in “old”?  Time for the Weekly History Wrap-Up. President Obama announced on Wednesday a time table for planned troop withdrawals in Afghanistan. The mystery of a Nazi World War II photo album has been solved.  Fascinating story. A truly amazing tale about WWII POW, Charles Woehlre, and his watch. Way to [...]

I am still enjoying the copy of the U.S. Navy Landing Party Manual-1950 lent to me by a friend.  Section VI discusses “Tactical Training of the Individual.”  I love how they go into great detail to explain the most commonsensical situations.  Take Figure 88 for example, showing the “correct methods of observing.”  Besides looking a [...]

So many letters, even in war, speak of light, day-to-day events in passing.  But then there are some that are written with great reflection.  You can almost feel the emotion.  This edition of Letters From War Wednesday features just such a note, written by infantryman, Dennis Black, following his final leave home, prior to his [...]

This past weekend, I came across a scrap of paper, stuffed in an old book.  Immediately, I knew the source.  It was obviously an interesting tidbit given to me years ago by my pal and BOOTPRINTS author, Hobert Winebrenner, and cause for another installment of the post thread, Uncommonly Hobert. In true HW fashion, the [...]

I trust everyone had a wonderful weekend, full of baseball, backyard barbecues and maybe even a few cold ones.  Monday morning means time for the 90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week. We’ve seen a lot this spring and summer on the tragic flooding of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.  Our thoughts and prayers go [...]

TGIF, and time for the Weekly History Wrap-Up! The fully-restored B-17 bomber, Liberty Belle, was lost this week in an Illinois cornfield.  Thankfully, all the passengers survived with only minor injuries. I love to see WWII vets getting their due.  At this weekend’s NASCAR race, Ryan Newman’s car will feature a photo of Bud Moore, [...]

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