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Check out what’s “new” in the world of “old” with the Weekly History Wrap Up. This week marks an important Revolutionary War anniversary in South Boston. A pre-Revolutionary War, 252-year-old home, is on the move in Bellmont, Massachusetts. Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved Civil War reenactments. But how about a Civil War [...]

Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday means time for the Weekly History Wrap Up! Efforts are underway, and rightfully so, to preserve and protect Revolutionary War and War of 1812 historical sites, before it’s too late. Watch where you’re stepping! A Civil War-era explosive has been discovered in waters off Oriental, North Carolina. Now that Red Tails, [...]

Yes, it’s the last Friday before Christmas. But there’s still time for shopping … and the Weekly History Wrap Up. Decaying land mines, left over from World War II, still pose a threat across Europe. The USS Iowa, a battleship from World War II, is preparing for its final journey. Many across the world are [...]

Good Friday morning to all! Time for the Weekly History Wrap Up. Of course, this week marked the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I guess the ceremony included a hiccup. Money’s tight, even for great projects like the planned World War II Memorial in Pittsburgh. Perhaps just a little overdue, the Japanese government recently apologized [...]

Time for a quick look at what’s “new” in the world of “old” with the Weekly History Wrap Up. At Jamestown, Virginia, archeologist William Kelso claims that he’s discovered the site where Pocahontas was married back in 1614. Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Myers, has filed a lawsuit against BAE Systems. The case has gotten [...]

Thanksgiving is certainly a time for giving thanks. Sending out a heartfelt thank you to all our service men and women, serving at home and abroad, past and present. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

TGIF! Time for the Weekly History Wrap Up! Scholarships were recently awarded to three college-bound young adults because their fathers or grandfathers served in the Vietnam War. Joe Galloway, co-author of the best seller, We Were Soldiers, was the keynote speaker at the event held in Syracuse, New York. Could it be, America and Vietnam [...]

It’s Veterans Day! Please, thank a veteran today for their selfless service and sacrifice.  It’s also Friday, and time for the Weekly History Wrap Up. As if World War II wasn’t bad enough for displaced European Jews, add a doctor/serial killer preying on them in Paris. The idea of seven brothers all fighting in World [...]

Go figure, seems a bit chillier than last week. But, at least it’s Friday. Time for the Weekly History Wrap Up. A letter written during World War II by American Intelligence Operative, Richard Helms, from Germany back home to his 3-year-old son, Dennis, has landed as a display at the CIA Museum. Oh yeah, it [...]

Say hey! It’s Friday! Time for the Weekly History Wrap Up. An Australian Navy mine hunter has happened upon the wreckage of a World War II Japanese mini-sub off the coast of Rabaul. A loving family and grateful nation has arranged for one last ride for 90-year-old World War II tanker, Harry Grim. In an [...]

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