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In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, we feature a short note from Navy man, Bernard Duesler. “…I’m very proud to be in our armed forces,” Duesler wrote home from training at Camp Moffett, Great Lakes, Illinois in early 1943.  “It makes you feel very proud and kinda puffs you up a bit on [...]

In going through some old papers this weekend, I came across another little tidbit given to me by my old pal, 90th Infantry Division trooper, BOOTPRINTS author and perennial wisecrack, Hobert Winebrenner. Just right for another edition of “Uncommonly Hobert.” Enjoy. “A woman complained to the builder of her new house that the whole place [...]

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and weekend. But it’s Monday, and time to get back to work with the 90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week. The early advance into Normandy was slow going, as exemplified by this photo of infantrymen cautiously moving forward, while flanked by a tank.

Friday, and time for the Weekly History Wrap Up. Hey, we all want to look good, no matter the time period. How about some World War II British fashion? For some, the question of whether the U.S. was justified in dropping the two atomic bombs on Japan is still open for debate. For others, the [...]

Thanksgiving is certainly a time for giving thanks. Sending out a heartfelt thank you to all our service men and women, serving at home and abroad, past and present. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

No doubt, some of the worst Letters From War imaginable are those sent by our War Department, like the Western Union telegram received by Evelyn Black, mother of infantryman, Dennis Black, serving with the 7th Cavalry in the Vietnam War. “THE SECRETARY OF THE ARMY HAS ASKED ME TO EXPRESS HIS DEEP REGRET THAT YOUR [...]

Back during World War II, the 3rd Battalion, 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division produced a unit newspaper dubbed, Citation. In a section called, Citation Letter Box, the newspaper printed short notes from GIs. The June 9, 1945 edition was printed at Waldmunchen, Germany, while the group occupied the city at war’s end. As one who [...]

Wow! Now that’s a bunker! This Monday’s 90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week features a cleared fortification from the Maginot Line.

TGIF! Time for the Weekly History Wrap Up! Scholarships were recently awarded to three college-bound young adults because their fathers or grandfathers served in the Vietnam War. Joe Galloway, co-author of the best seller, We Were Soldiers, was the keynote speaker at the event held in Syracuse, New York. Could it be, America and Vietnam [...]

Since the release of the movie, We Were Soldiers, starring Mel Gibson, we hear a lot about the Battle at LZ X-ray. People seem to forget the ensuing, even more brutal, engagement at nearby LZ Albany. As the Battle of LZ X-ray came to an end, survivors of the 1st of the 7th were airlifted [...]

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