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World War II B-24 bomber pilot, Lt. Bob Gage, certainly had a way with words. In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, we feature another of his short notes home. Gage penned this letter in June 1944, while stationed in the South Pacific. “It’s getting pretty hot and I guess that Big Blue Ocean, [...]

I am continually amazed by the chance meetings of friends, or even brothers, serving in different units, during wars.  Coincidence?  Maybe it really is a small world after all. Several come to mind, but one in particular has stuck with me.  Bob and Jim Gage were brothers, and both bomber pilots fighting for the 13th [...]

B-24 Bomber Pilot, Bob Gage, possessed a wonderful sense of humor.  In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, we feature a November 1942 note home from San Antonio, Texas, where Gage was continuing his pilot training. “Here I am again with another change of address.  I’m in the Pre-Flight school now.  This is really [...]

I’ve still got Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption on my mind, after just finishing the book yesterday. Louis Zamperini began his stint in the Pacific with the 307th Bomb Group. B-24 bomber pilot, Lt. Bob Gage, also served in the 307th BG. Time again for Letters From War Wednesday. This [...]

It’s LFWW time again.  This week we’ll feature a note from Lt. Bob Gage, of Albion, Indiana.  Lt. Gage was a B-24 bomber pilot, serving with the 370th Bomb Squadron, 307th Bomb Group, 13th Air Force in the South Pacific.  He and his crew had quickly made names for themselves.  Lt. Gage was bumped up [...]

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