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In this Letters From War Wednesday, let’s revisit “Dere Mable” and Private Bill. “Dere Mable: “… Everythings covered with mud includin me. I seem to attract mud like I was a maggot, Mable. Yesterday I spent all the afternoon shinin up for guard sos to be the Colonels orderly. Then I step out of the [...]

In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, we hear from Corporal Wayne Krieger, in a September 1943 letter home. Krieger was stationed with Battery H, 507th Coast Artillery at Long Beach, California. “Well, I am back on the job again. I sure enjoyed my furlough and the trip home and back. Most of all [...]

In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday we return to World War I and “Dere Mable”–Private Bill’s laughable notes to his girlfriend back home. “Theres a hole in the tent over my cot where the water comes through on me. I put a slicker over me last nite. The water made puddles in it. [...]

In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, we feature an August 1966 note home from Terry Weber, serving in the Vietnam War as an infantryman with Company A, 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division. “Lately, we have been busy night and day,” Weber wrote.  “The Cong have been giving us a lot of [...]

This edition of Letters From War Wednesday takes us back to the Civil War, and Union infantryman, William Kimmel. Writing from a “Pine Woods near Richmond,” Kimmel concluded his three-year correspondence with girlfriend, Leah, following the Battle of the Wilderness in June 1864. “We have been having a hard campaign of it—since the 8th of [...]

In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, we hear from Pfc. Bernard Skinner, stationed at Lincoln Airbase, Nebraska in May 1943. “Having completed my basic training at St. Petersburg, I was sent here to Airplane Mechanics School. We learn to ‘keep ‘em flying’, and we’re sure going to do it. I go to school [...]

Over the last two weeks in Letters From War Wednesdays, we’ve heard from pilots-in-training, Jim Gage and Howard Inks. The pair were childhood friends and would later both serve as bomber pilots in the South Pacific, flying for the 13th Air Force. In 1943, Jim and Howard would actually become brothers-in-law. From the Niles Society [...]

In last week’s Letters From War Wednesday, we heard from pilot-in-training James Gage. Life-long friend, Howard Inks was stationed with Gage, and also wrote home at about the same time, from Curtis Field in Brady, Texas. “I finished my primary training at Stamford and am now at the basic school at Brady. “I received 60 [...]

Hey! Hey! Time for Letters From War Wednesday! This edition features an early note home from Jim Gage, arriving in Stamford, Texas for the initial stages of pilot training. Lt. Gage would graduate the system to fly B-25 Mitchells over the South Pacific for the 13th Air Force, during World War II. “I am here [...]

In this Letters From War Wednesday, we feature a short note home from PFC. Robert Jeffries, written in June 1944, while he was serving in the Pacific. “Well, this is pass day and we find ourselves headed for the bustling city of Honolulu, a city part Oriental, part Americanized, picturesque with the romance and traditions [...]

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