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It’s baaaack!  Yes, last night, I jumped back into the U.S. Navy Landing Party Manual-1950 to read a few more chapters. One section I found particularly interesting covered the construction of a one-man foxhole.  The Manual states that, “in most types of soil the foxhole gives positive protection against the crushing action of tanks, provided [...]

Still working my way through the 600+ pages of the U.S. Navy Landing Party Manual-1950.  I came across another interesting illustration on page 541.  The instructor is working on a sighting device on the end of the trainee’s weapon.  I’m just not sure I would kneeling out in front of  the weapon of a newly [...]

I am still enjoying the copy of the U.S. Navy Landing Party Manual-1950 lent to me by a friend.  Section VI discusses “Tactical Training of the Individual.”  I love how they go into great detail to explain the most commonsensical situations.  Take Figure 88 for example, showing the “correct methods of observing.”  Besides looking a [...]

I’ve got a friend who always seems to come across obscure war-related material.  And I’ll be the first to admit, “I Love The Stuff!”  He recently brought me a copy of an original U.S. Navy Landing Party Manual – 1950.  This thing is awesome!  It covers absolutely everything, from marching to ceremonies to equipment to [...]

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