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Carroll “Peck” Leitch served in World War II with Battery B of the 698th Field Artillery in Northern Europe. His unit manned the behemoth 240mm “Black Dragons.” Leitch survived the war and returned home to marry and raise a family. Later in life, he shared his story as told in the book, EVERYTOWN, USA. Sadly, [...]

It’s hard to believe that it has been three years since the death of Hobert Winebrenner. Winebrenner fought in World War II with Company M, 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division. He went on to write of his experiences in the book, BOOTPRINTS. Rest assured, Winebrenner will never be forgotten by all who knew him. He [...]

In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, we feature an August 1966 note home from Terry Weber, serving in the Vietnam War as an infantryman with Company A, 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division. “Lately, we have been busy night and day,” Weber wrote.  “The Cong have been giving us a lot of [...]

Let’s start this Monday morning off right, with the 90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week. I really love this shot of infantrymen from the 358th Regiment, marching in two columns down a street outside of Perl, Germany. The geometry of the photo is great. I especially like how the two columns angle back, then [...]

This edition of Letters From War Wednesday takes us back to the Civil War, and Union infantryman, William Kimmel. Writing from a “Pine Woods near Richmond,” Kimmel concluded his three-year correspondence with girlfriend, Leah, following the Battle of the Wilderness in June 1864. “We have been having a hard campaign of it—since the 8th of [...]

Over the last two weeks in Letters From War Wednesdays, we’ve heard from pilots-in-training, Jim Gage and Howard Inks. The pair were childhood friends and would later both serve as bomber pilots in the South Pacific, flying for the 13th Air Force. In 1943, Jim and Howard would actually become brothers-in-law. From the Niles Society [...]

In last week’s Letters From War Wednesday, we heard from pilot-in-training James Gage. Life-long friend, Howard Inks was stationed with Gage, and also wrote home at about the same time, from Curtis Field in Brady, Texas. “I finished my primary training at Stamford and am now at the basic school at Brady. “I received 60 [...]

Being a northern Indiana boy, I’ve grown particularly fond of the 38th Infantry Division, and their efforts in World War II. The division was formed from units of the Indiana National Guard. So essentially, many young men from the same community would fill a company, serving together in war. One can only imagine how tight [...]

Hey! Hey! Time for Letters From War Wednesday! This edition features an early note home from Jim Gage, arriving in Stamford, Texas for the initial stages of pilot training. Lt. Gage would graduate the system to fly B-25 Mitchells over the South Pacific for the 13th Air Force, during World War II. “I am here [...]

Danny Weber served in the Vietnam War with the 13th Combat Aviation Battalion. In this Letters From War Wednesday, we feature a short note from Weber to his father, Jack, back home. In October 1967, Weber turned 20 and set foot in Vietnam. “I thought I would write and let you know we made it [...]

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