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I received an update email a short while back from my contact on the Parish Council in the village of Garveston, England. The Garveston Twelve Memorial Project and accompanying dedication ceremony are taking shape and on schedule for June 6, 2012. If you remember, the Garveston Twelve Memorial will honor the ten members of the [...]

Last week, we looked at chance meetings in war with the reunion of the Gage brothers at Henderson Field on Guadalcanal.  Today we’ll examine a similar encounter, though under the most tragic of circumstances. Brothers Pete and Tom DeBrular, orphaned at an early age, grew up and received their educations at the Indiana Masonic Home, [...]

On Tuesday, we introduced you to Pete DeBrular, the Garveston Twelve and our quest to find Pete’s living relatives.  Yesterday, on Letters From War Wednesday, we featured Pete DeBrular’s last note home, written on June 2, 1944, just two days prior to his death at Garveston, England. Today, we are pleased to announce that we [...]

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