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This Wednesday, we’re featuring a letter from World War II infantryman, Ralph Conner.  He fought through North Africa, Sicily and into Italy with Company L, 7th Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division.  Conner,  while on the Italian Front, wrote this short December 1943 note to his little sister, Lois, back home in Noble County, Indiana. Dear Lois, [...]

Anzio Beachhead Reunion

December 20, 2010

This summer, the History Junkie received a call about a reunion of Anzio Beachhead vets being held in Auburn, Indiana.  It may as well have been Commissioner Gordon calling on the Batphone.  That’s how quickly I reacted! As far as World War II battles go, Anzio was a major player.  Huge!  Sure, it doesn’t get [...]

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