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Last week, we featured a couple of our soldiers’ varied reactions to war’s end.  In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, let’s take a look at Captain Wayne Sandefur’s note home following Japan’s surrender. Sandefur served with distinction at the battles of Zig Zag Pass and Woodpecker Ridge as the commanding officer of Company [...]

Following the 152nd Infantry, 38th Infantry Division’s hard-fought victory at Zig Zag Pass, the unit was deployed to the Sierra Madre mountain range along the northeastern coast of Luzon in the Philippines. Captain Wayne Sandefur’s Company L was assigned to take Woodpecker Ridge, part of the Japanese’s Shimbu Line. For his heroics at Woodpecker Ridge, [...]

On January 29, 1945, American troops returned to Bataan.  Company L, 152nd Infantry, 38th Infantry Division, commanded by Captain Wayne Sandefur, landed on the west coast of Luzon, near San Narciso.  “Always the unexpected happens in war,” Comapany L trooper, Clarence De Turk said, with a laugh.  “When we made our landing, we expected a [...]

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