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I just received word this week on the passing of decorated World War II veteran, and good friend, Howard Pemberton. Pemberton served in Northern Europe with Company M, 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division. Many of Pemberton’s actions are recounted in the book, BOOTPRINTS. His awards included a Bronze Star, two Silver Stars, two Purple Hearts [...]

It’s hard to believe that it has been three years since the death of Hobert Winebrenner. Winebrenner fought in World War II with Company M, 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division. He went on to write of his experiences in the book, BOOTPRINTS. Rest assured, Winebrenner will never be forgotten by all who knew him. He [...]

Crossing the Rhine River

March 27, 2012

Late March and the trees and flowers are already blooming. Spring has sprung. Looking back to World War II, late March marked the 90th Infantry Division‘s crossing of the Rhine River. Infantryman, Hobert Winebrenner, relived the moment in his memoir, BOOTPRINTS. “We’d experienced much in our trek through Germany to the Rhine River,” Winebrenner wrote. [...]

From time to time we feature a reoccurring theme on our old friend, 90th Infantry Division soldier and BOOTPRINTS author, Hobert Winebrenner, dubbed “Uncommonly Hobert.” I just came across this unique photograph of Winebrenner boarding a train in Albion, departing for the Army. Makes you think of the innocent young man stepping onto that train [...]

Learning of the official end to World War II brought varied reactions from our soldiers. Sergeant Hobert Winebrenner was serving with the 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division in Northern Europe. “I can well remember the day my war ended,” Winebrenner wrote in BOOTPRINTS. “I’ll never forget it! Along an anonymous lane, I sat in the [...]

Anyone out there remember the old Cavalry Camp at Fort Sill, Oklahoma? These pictures were taken in 1943 by Hobert Winebrenner while he was stationed there. I wonder what it looks like today.

BOOTPRINTS author, Hobert Winebrenner, had an incredible sense of humor. I recently came across another World War II comic that HW passed along to me years ago. Cause for another edition of Uncommonly Hobert.

Last week, we brought you a couple of posts on the passing of John Mateyko, former commanding officer of Company M, 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division. Mateyko and Hobert Winebrenner worked often together during the war as captain and sergeant, respectively. They formed a special bond, that would last well after war’s end. In his [...]

On Tuesday, we informed you on the passing of Captain John Mateyko, former commanding officer of Company M, 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division. BOOTPRINTS author, Hobert Winebrenner, served under Mateyko, from Hill 122 in Normandy through war’s end. The thing that probably stuck with Winebrenner most about his leader was Mateyko’s faith. Winebrenner recalled one [...]

On Tuesday, we featured a World War II period comic strip given to me in calling card form by my old pal, Hobert Winebrenner. Today, we bring you the flip side. HW always loved a good cup o’ joe. Enjoy another edition of Uncommonly Hobert.

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