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This edition of Letters From War Wednesday takes us back to the Civil War, and Union infantryman, William Kimmel. Writing from a “Pine Woods near Richmond,” Kimmel concluded his three-year correspondence with girlfriend, Leah, following the Battle of the Wilderness in June 1864. “We have been having a hard campaign of it—since the 8th of [...]

Ah, the cold is upon us. November always brings that bitter wind and those first hints of winter. But better in your warm house than on picket guard … during the Civil War. This edition of Letters From War Wednesday features a short note home, written 150 years ago this month, from Union soldier, William [...]

We had several followers comment on yesterday’s post–Union soldier, William Kimmell’s letter home to his girlfriend Leah, following the Battle of Gettysburg.  Most wanted to hear the rest of the story, whether Kimmell survived the war or not.  And whatever happened with him and Leah? Excerpts from William Kimmell’s letters and diary were compiled by [...]

Union soldier, William Kimmell, served with Company C, 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, during the Civil War.  In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, we feature a note from Kimmell home to his girlfriend, Leah.  It was written on July 6, 1863, 148 years ago today, following the Battle of Gettysburg. From a camp near [...]

Wednesday so soon?  You better believe it, and time for Letters From War Wednesday. Ah yes, it seems like only yesterday.  Or maybe it was 148 years ago yesterday.  On May 24, 1863, Albion, Indiana infantryman, William Kimmell, penned the following note home to his sweetheart, Leah Crispell.  Kimmell’s unit would soon be chasing Lee’s [...]

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