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Although the phrase is probably overused, some pictures do “say a thousand words.”  Case in point, this 90th Infantry Division photo from Bavigne, Luxembourg, and the Battle of the Bulge.

More snow and ice this morning.  School’s canceled again.  Winter in late February … I’m over it.  Let’s put a lid on this past week with our Weekly History Wrap-Up. In 2000, a marker was erected in Pinal County, Arizona dedicated to all those who had earned the Purple Heart.  I like it! With all [...]

World War II: West Meets East

February 24, 2011

Summer 1945 saw World War II draw to a close across Northern Europe.  Allied troops simultaneously squeezed German forces from both fronts.  As the vise tightened, impromptu meetings of East and West occurred throughout occupied Germany and Czechoslovakia.  Perhaps most notable is the meeting of leaders, Stalin, Churchill and Truman, at the Potsdam Conference, where [...]

William “Tom” Franks from Wawaka, Indiana fought in World War II with the 121st Infantry, 8th Infantry Division.   He would earn two Purple Hearts in Northern Europe–shot through the neck in Normandy and later shot in the leg in the Huertgen Forest.  Remarkably, he would survive both wounds. This April 1944 note home is [...]

For those dedicated followers of the site, you might remember last Monday we featured a World War II, 90th Infantry Division photo from Chambois, France.  The 90th ID experienced heavy fighting in the Chambois area during the Battle of the Falaise Gap in August 1944. Our historian friend from France, Tristan, who lives in the [...]

Monday so soon?  You betcha!  And winter has returned to the Midwest.  At least we have the 90th Infantry Division – Picture of the Week.

For the first Friday in a long time, the History Junkie can see grass, albeit brown and muddy.  But still, GRASS!  The snow is melting fast, surely in preparation for the next big storm. Forget about the weather.  Let’s talk history. Mark Caprio has written a very interesting piece on the Neglected Questions of the [...]

Fort Wayne Borders Survives

February 17, 2011

Yes, it’s a sad event, though not unexpected.  Borders Group has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. What does this mean for a small publisher like Camp Comamajo Press?  We’ll have to wait and see.  Thankfully, our exposure is minimal when compared to other players–bigger publishing houses, and especially wholesalers. It will be interesting to [...]

This Wednesday, our letter comes from Albion, Indiana infantryman, Terry Weber.  Weber served in the Vietnam War with Company A, 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division.  Known as the “Golden Dragons”, the unit worked the Central Highland jungles as part of Operation Paul Revere.  This personal note to his family is date June 17, [...]

Sadly, another good one is gone!  Local World War II veteran, Raymond Waldron, from Brimfield, Indiana, passed away last week. I had the pleasure of speaking to Ray several times over the last seven years.  He had a truly amazing story.  Waldron served in General George Patton’s household as the jeep driver for one of [...]

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