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From time to time we feature a reoccurring theme on our old friend, 90th Infantry Division soldier and BOOTPRINTS author, Hobert Winebrenner, dubbed “Uncommonly Hobert.” I just came across this unique photograph of Winebrenner boarding a train in Albion, departing for the Army. Makes you think of the innocent young man stepping onto that train [...]

BOOTPRINTS author, Hobert Winebrenner, had an incredible sense of humor. I recently came across another World War II comic that HW passed along to me years ago. Cause for another edition of Uncommonly Hobert.

On Tuesday, we featured a World War II period comic strip given to me in calling card form by my old pal, Hobert Winebrenner. Today, we bring you the flip side. HW always loved a good cup o’ joe. Enjoy another edition of Uncommonly Hobert.

One of the many things I enjoyed about Hobert Winebrenner was his quirky sense of humor. He always loved a good laugh. Case in point, I just found five of these comics wrapped in a rubber band. He probably handed them out to friends … and knowing him, maybe even strangers. Cause for another installment [...]

In going through some old papers this weekend, I came across another little tidbit given to me by my old pal, 90th Infantry Division trooper, BOOTPRINTS author and perennial wisecrack, Hobert Winebrenner. Just right for another edition of “Uncommonly Hobert.” Enjoy. “A woman complained to the builder of her new house that the whole place [...]

Yesterday’s post has kept me thinking about my old pal, BOOTPRINTS author and 90th Infantry Division soldier,  Hobert Winebrenner.  Then I came across another of his quirky notes.  Ready for the latest installment of Uncommonly Hobert? “When Things Get Tough “Dig a hole in your backyard while it is raining.  Sit in the hole while [...]

My old friend, World War II infantryman and author of BOOTPRINTS, Hobert Winebrenner, certainly was a colorful character.  And I think he valued the same in others.  I came across another scrap today, no doubt given to me years ago by HW, and it struck me as more material for another addition of Uncommonly Hobert.  [...]

I was doing a little yard work this past weekend.  We were cleaning up the back fence row–cutting down the tall grass and ditch trees.  We were using this unique limb lopper that I got from Hobert Winebrenner, truly one of a kind.  A perfect fit for another edition of Uncommonly Hobert. Hobert had this [...]

This past weekend, I came across a scrap of paper, stuffed in an old book.  Immediately, I knew the source.  It was obviously an interesting tidbit given to me years ago by my pal and BOOTPRINTS author, Hobert Winebrenner, and cause for another installment of the post thread, Uncommonly Hobert. In true HW fashion, the [...]

It’s April, and tax time for procrastinators everywhere in the States, including the History Junkie.  This past weekend, I was shuffling through stacks of papers, looking for that golden receipt that might save HJ some cash when I came across another random note from my old pal, Hobert.  It was a October 1944 newspaper article [...]

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