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In this Letters From War Wednesday, let’s revisit “Dere Mable” and Private Bill. “Dere Mable: “… Everythings covered with mud includin me. I seem to attract mud like I was a maggot, Mable. Yesterday I spent all the afternoon shinin up for guard sos to be the Colonels orderly. Then I step out of the [...]

In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday we return to World War I and “Dere Mable”–Private Bill’s laughable notes to his girlfriend back home. “Theres a hole in the tent over my cot where the water comes through on me. I put a slicker over me last nite. The water made puddles in it. [...]

In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, how about another excerpt from Dere Mable, Private Bill’s letters home to his girlfriend. “Mon Cherry Mable: “Thats the way the French begin there love letters. Its perfectly proper. I would have rote you sooner but me an my fountin pens been froze for a week. Washington [...]

On this Letters From War Wednesday lets take a look at another note home from Private Bill to his lady friend, Mable, featured in “Dere Mable: Love Letters of a Rookie.” “We get our mess from some fellos what stands behind a counter. One of them divides the coffee. He does it by puttin half [...]

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