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Over the last two weeks in Letters From War Wednesdays, we’ve heard from pilots-in-training, Jim Gage and Howard Inks. The pair were childhood friends and would later both serve as bomber pilots in the South Pacific, flying for the 13th Air Force. In 1943, Jim and Howard would actually become brothers-in-law. From the Niles Society [...]

In last week’s Letters From War Wednesday, we heard from pilot-in-training James Gage. Life-long friend, Howard Inks was stationed with Gage, and also wrote home at about the same time, from Curtis Field in Brady, Texas. “I finished my primary training at Stamford and am now at the basic school at Brady. “I received 60 [...]

Hey! Hey! Time for Letters From War Wednesday! This edition features an early note home from Jim Gage, arriving in Stamford, Texas for the initial stages of pilot training. Lt. Gage would graduate the system to fly B-25 Mitchells over the South Pacific for the 13th Air Force, during World War II. “I am here [...]

Brothers, Bob and Jim Gage, would both serve as bomber pilots in the Pacific Theater of World War II.  This Letters From War Wednesday features a note from Jim, upon his return to the States following 58 successful missions. “Narrow escapes?  There were plenty of them.  But no one in my crew ever was hit.  [...]

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