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When we think of letters from war, we envision notes from a soldier, home to his family.  But there are also letters, typically from the U.S. War Department, that bear the most awful news, that of a soldier’s, sailor’s or airman’s death.  Notes of a more personal nature, from those who served with the recently [...]

This Letters From War Wednesday features a note from naval aviator, Scotty Greiling, serving aboard the carrier, USS America, treading water off the coast of Vietnam. Greiling wrote the letter to his brother, Paul, on June 4, 1968, 43 years ago this week. Fifth day “on the line” and like all wars a great deal [...]

Wednesday so soon?  You better believe it, and time for Letters From War Wednesday. Ah yes, it seems like only yesterday.  Or maybe it was 148 years ago yesterday.  On May 24, 1863, Albion, Indiana infantryman, William Kimmell, penned the following note home to his sweetheart, Leah Crispell.  Kimmell’s unit would soon be chasing Lee’s [...]

I’ve still got Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption on my mind, after just finishing the book yesterday. Louis Zamperini began his stint in the Pacific with the 307th Bomb Group. B-24 bomber pilot, Lt. Bob Gage, also served in the 307th BG. Time again for Letters From War Wednesday. This [...]

In this week’s Letters From War Wednesday, we feature an October 1944 correspondence from U.S. Army  airman, Bob Berkes.  Berkes would later serve over Northern Europe with the 305th Bomb Group as a gunner aboard the B-17 bomber, Forever Amber.  But this note comes from Kingman, Arizona, while Berkes and his crew were still learning [...]

If you’re anything like the History Junkie, no matter how disinterested you were in the recent royal wedding between William and Kate,  you still ingested bits and pieces through the non-stop force feeding of coverage.  Most interesting to me … no, not Kate’s wedding dress … was Prince William’s work with the RAF Air-Sea Rescue.  [...]

Hump day, and time for our weekly feature, Letters From War Wednesdays.  Harold Hastings was drafted by the U.S. Army pre-Pearl Harbor, in October 1941.  He fell in with Company F, 2nd Battalion, 168th Infantry, 34th Infantry Division. In November 1942, Hastings joined 30,000 Allied troops for Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa.  On [...]

Danny Weber was an All-American boy, starring center stage on his high school basketball and baseball teams. He was drafted by the U.S. Army in 1966. In October 1967, Weber turned 20, and set foot in Vietnam. He would serve down south, refueling aircraft, with the 13th Combat Aviation Battalion. “We just got done having [...]

This week’s Letters From War Wednesdays comes to us from World War II and Lt. Phil Snyder.  Snyder landed at Normandy’s Utah Beach as a platoon leader with the 315th Infantry, 79th Infantry Division. While still fighting on the Cotentin Peninsula, Snyder was wounded on July 3, 1944.  He healed and rehabbed in an English [...]

Hey, I just realized that we’ve got a Falaise Gap / Chambois, France  / World War II theme running this week.  Let’s keep it going. This week’s Letters From War Wednesday is courtesy of Supreme Allied Commander, Dwight Eisenhower.  In August 1944, with combined American, British and Polish forces closing in on the retreating German [...]

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