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As most of you know, I’m a sucker for vintage historical photographs. Lately, we’ve been posting on the 152nd Infantry, 38th Infantry Division, and their hard-fought victories at Zig Zag Pass and Woodpecker Ridge during World War II. I love this pic of the 152nd Infantry raising the Stars and Stripes, following their victory at [...]

Last week, we featured a couple of our soldiers’ varied reactions to war’s end.  In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, let’s take a look at Captain Wayne Sandefur’s note home following Japan’s surrender. Sandefur served with distinction at the battles of Zig Zag Pass and Woodpecker Ridge as the commanding officer of Company [...]

Following the 152nd Infantry, 38th Infantry Division’s hard-fought victory at Zig Zag Pass, the unit was deployed to the Sierra Madre mountain range along the northeastern coast of Luzon in the Philippines. Captain Wayne Sandefur’s Company L was assigned to take Woodpecker Ridge, part of the Japanese’s Shimbu Line. For his heroics at Woodpecker Ridge, [...]

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