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The History Junkie sincerely hopes everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  I know that I did. As mentioned before, the Everytown USA Project aims to capture the military history from each community across this great nation. Today, let’s take a moment to honor Noble County, Indiana’s war dead from World War I.  The list comes [...]

Letter to the Editor

December 23, 2010

The History Junkie has found a true friend and comrade in Eileen Reynolds Sheehan of Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Eileen’s brother, Gene, was lost in 1945 when his submarine, the USS Barbel, was sunk with no survivors. She recently submitted the following letter to the Hendersonville Times-News.  Eileen we thank you for your praise.  But even [...]

The Everytown, USA Project is off and rolling.  Eileen Reynolds Sheehan forwarded the Memorial Roll Call for her Everytown, USA–Cary, Illinois, northwest of Chicago.  Eileen’s brother, Franklin Reynolds served aboard the USS Barbel in World War II.  He, along with Bernard Duesler and John Bogert, were among the 81 crew members lost when the Barbel [...]

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