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The Garveston Twelve Memorial, honoring the twelve brave Americans who died in the bomber crash at Garveston, England on June 4, 1944, just two days before D-Day, has truly become one of my pet projects. I love the passion and respect of the Garveston residents for the idea, then the grit to pull it off. [...]

In this Letters From War Wednesday, let’s revisit “Dere Mable” and Private Bill. “Dere Mable: “… Everythings covered with mud includin me. I seem to attract mud like I was a maggot, Mable. Yesterday I spent all the afternoon shinin up for guard sos to be the Colonels orderly. Then I step out of the [...]

Sadly, yet again, we have received word on the passing of another great American. World War II veteran, Joe Engle, has died. Engle fought with Company M, 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division in Northern Europe. He was well known as the breakfast speaker at the annual 90th Infantry Division Reunions.

Monday morning means time for the 90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week. This shot comes to us from Metzervisse, France.

Time for the Weekly History Wrap Up. The J.J. Byrne Playground was dedicated this week near the location of the Revolutionary War’s historic Battle of Brooklyn. The remains of Civil War vet, Edgar Lewis, long buried in an unmarked grave, have been reset with a new marker in Hewitt, Minnesota. Norwegian World War II resistance [...]

I just received word this week on the passing of decorated World War II veteran, and good friend, Howard Pemberton. Pemberton served in Northern Europe with Company M, 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division. Many of Pemberton’s actions are recounted in the book, BOOTPRINTS. His awards included a Bronze Star, two Silver Stars, two Purple Hearts [...]

In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, we hear from Corporal Wayne Krieger, in a September 1943 letter home. Krieger was stationed with Battery H, 507th Coast Artillery at Long Beach, California. “Well, I am back on the job again. I sure enjoyed my furlough and the trip home and back. Most of all [...]

Carroll “Peck” Leitch served in World War II with Battery B of the 698th Field Artillery in Northern Europe. His unit manned the behemoth 240mm “Black Dragons.” Leitch survived the war and returned home to marry and raise a family. Later in life, he shared his story as told in the book, EVERYTOWN, USA. Sadly, [...]

For this 90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week, let’s go back to Oberwampach, Luxembourg, one of the 90th Infantry Division’s hot spots during the Battle of the Bulge.

Friday, and time again for the Weekly History Wrap Up. A new historical marker dedicated in Charlottsville, Virginia details the area’s contribution to the American Revolution. I just passed  through South Michigan on business this week. Great to see that a Civil War re-enactment is scheduled at historic Walker’s Tavern. Associated Press has issued an [...]

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