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Last Tuesday, we posted a question brought to us by A. Linder, regarding the city of Alencon, and also, an interesting idea, by Peter Wheeler. Tristan, a site follower from the Alencon, France area, provided some clarity. “Regarding Alençon, this is true is was an important city to the Germans. But Le Mans was more [...]

We always encourage our followers’ comments. Last week, A. Linder posed an interesting question regarding Alencon, France, and its use by the Nazis during World War II. I’ve copied the post below. “Reading the WW2 history and the invasion of Normandy especially byAntony Beevor D-Day i had the impression that Allencon was thr main supply [...]

I trust everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  It’s Monday, and time for the 90th Infantry Division – Picture of the Week. By August 1944, the 90th Infantry Division had broken free from the Cotentin Peninsula and was racing east, toward Paris.   Near Le Mans, plans changed.  The 90th ID was rerouted north through [...]

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