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It’s Friday, and time for the Weekly History Wrap-Up. Filming for a new World War II documentary wrapped up this week in Nebraska. Following bin Laden, the remains of Rudolph Hess took to the sea. Rusting shipwrecks from World War II, and I bet there are a lot of them, now seem to pose an [...]

Discovery Channel lists “Kissing the Blarney Stone” as one of its 99 things to do before you die.  Well, mission accomplished! The Blarney Castle was built north of Cork, Ireland in the 1400s by the MacCarthy clan.  Legend has it that Cormac McCarthy, no not the author, sent 4,000 soldiers to Robert the Bruce that [...]

Hump day, and time again for Letters From War Wednesday.  This note from World War I, dated December 8, 1917, comes from the grieving parents, AJ and Ella, of Virgil Winebrenner, killed by an enemy bullet in the trenches of France.  The letter was addressed to the community and printed in a local newspaper. “We [...]

Hello!  Hello!  The History Junkie is back from his Irish holiday.  What a great country!  Where else can you find Guinness on tap at nearly every third door in nearly every burg across the country? One of the “must sees” in Ireland is the Cliffs of Moher.  You see them on virtually every postcard or [...]

OK, I’ll admit it.  The History Junkie is a bit addicted to the Battle of the Bulge.  This edition of the 90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week features another shot from Bastogne, Belgium.

On Friday’s, we typically do a Weekly History Wrap-Up.  But lets change it up.  Instead, in line with the Irish theme of the week, take a look at the unusual story of American pilot, Bud Wolfe.  Remember from Wednesday, infantryman Tom Franks had mentioned that if members of his unit crossed south over the border [...]

I was thinking that my upcoming trip to Ireland was a holiday, or vacation for all you stateside followers.  Wrong.  The Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle, when kissed, promises the kisser the gift of eloquence.  Hey, it got Cormac MacCarthy (not the author) out of trouble in the 1300s.  And what could be more important [...]

This edition of Letters From War Wednesday continues with our Irish theme of the week.  Many followers may not realize that Ireland actually remained neutral during World War II.  However, Northern Ireland, with its ties to England, fought with the Allies. Multiple U.S. Army outfits, including the 34th Infantry Division, 8th Infantry Division and 508th [...]

Road Trip!  The History Junkie is preparing for a jaunt across the pond to Ireland, on holiday.  In doing a little background for the trip, I came to find out that I am directly descended from two of the original Tribes of Galway–the Athy and Martin families.  So cool! In short, Galway is a city [...]

I love the pre-war photos from Camp Barkeley, near Abilene, Texas, where the 90th ID trained.  This edition of the 90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week features another two-war veteran.  Corporal Henry J. Lowe, also a participant in World War I, plays fiddle for his fellow soldiers.

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