90th Infantry Division: “Citation Letter Box”.

Back during World War II, the 3rd Battalion, 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division produced a unit newspaper dubbed, Citation. In a section called, Citation Letter Box, the newspaper printed short notes from GIs. The June 9, 1945 edition was printed at Waldmunchen, Germany, while the group occupied the city at war’s end. As one who enjoys a good brew, I particularly enjoyed the following note from “A Sergeant.”

“While the air, at the present time, seems to be full of suggestions, I thought I might as well put mine in. How about a beer tavern somewhere in town, just for GIs? Thus we’ll have a place to go in the evenings where we can shoot the bull over a glass of brew. We can’t fraternize, and nights when there are no movies there is not much of any place to go. A beer tavern would help fill that need. We should be able to get the beer if we do a little scouting around.”

Sounds like a winner to me! I wonder if they ever got their beer tavern?

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