Letters From War Wednesday: World War II – Wayne Krieger.

In this edition of Letters From War Wednesday, we hear from Corporal Wayne Krieger, in a September 1943 letter home. Krieger was stationed with Battery H, 507th Coast Artillery at Long Beach, California.

“Well, I am back on the job again. I sure enjoyed my furlough and the trip home and back. Most of all I appreciated the wonderful greetings everyone gave me. It sure makes a fellow feel at home amongst old friends again.

“At the present I have a few sore spots, especially one, caused by me getting in the road of a few pieces of steel pipe.You see a rifle accidentally went off and hit the pipe. One other fellow got hit slightly, but not too bad.

“Well, I haven’t  much more to say, so guess I’ll eat a small lunch and go to bed. I have a pass coming tomorrow night, so I’d better get all the sleep I can tonight.”

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