Alencon, France: Major Nazi Supply Hub?.

Last Tuesday, we posted a question brought to us by A. Linder, regarding the city of Alencon, and also, an interesting idea, by Peter Wheeler.

Tristan, a site follower from the Alencon, France area, provided some clarity.

“Regarding Alençon, this is true is was an important city to the Germans. But Le Mans was more important (the HQ of 7th Army was located in this town).

“In my opinion, Alençon was not THE main supply base for the Germans. It was an imporant city among anothers : because of its location, its size, its network of road and also railroads, etc. It was used like any other Norman cities to transport supply to the front. Perhaps there were some major supply infrastructure : I’ve never heard of it but I can’t say there wasn’t anything of that sort.

Prison castle at Alencon, France.

” … the old castle near the town hall and court house was used as prison for several years, and it stopped recently (attached is a picture of the castle in question). But De Gaulle’s family never stayed in Alençon during the war. If I well remember, de Gaulle writes in his Mémoires (very interesting book and account) that his family joined him in United-Kingdom shortly after the famous Appeal of 18th June. They stayed there all war long and were protected.

“The true reasons of the non-shelling/bombing of Alençon are :

1) German troops have escaped the town before the liberation in order to set up a line of defense in the Ecouves forest (a few kms north of Alençon)

2) because of General Leclerc’s strategy and cunning. Leclerc was the commanding officer of 2nd Fr. Armoured Division. They liberated Alençon on August 12th, 1944. Without a gun shot. They were helped by some civilians. Really an incredible story.

“The real fight took place north of Alençon, and a few later, in the well-known Falaise/Chambois gap. (or pocket, as you want).”

As always, thank you Tristan, for your insight.

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