Letters From War Wednesday: Vietnam War – Danny Weber.

Danny Weber was an All-American boy, starring center stage on his high school basketball and baseball teams. He was drafted by the U.S. Army in 1966. In October 1967, Weber turned 20, and set foot in Vietnam. He would serve down south, refueling aircraft, with the 13th Combat Aviation Battalion.

Danny Weber - 13th Combat Aviation Btln.

“We just got done having an operation here at Vi Thanh,” he wrote home on December 23, 1967.  “They captured around 100 VC in the last 3 days. They also captured quite a few weapons and etc. I pumped around 50,000 gallons of JP/4 to the helicopters during the operation.

“Well, I’ve been here for 8 days and they just got some beer in yesterday. They said it was the first in three weeks.  Don’t worry, I’m not drinking too much beer.  I believe I can really save some money here.  There’s no place to go and spend money like at Can Tho.

” … It sure doesn’t seem like this is December the 23rd, but it is.  It won’t be long til New Years.  Then, it won’t be long til October.  Then, I’ll be home and finished with the Army and ready to start back in civilian life again.”

Sadly, on January 29, 1968, while he was stationed at Vi Thanh, Weber was killed when his jeep hit an enemy land mine.

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