Letters From War Wednesday: World War II – Franklin Jacob.

Middle of the week and time for Letters From War Wednesday.  Today, we feature a note from World War II veteran, Franklin Jacob, who served in Northern Europe with the 841st Ordnance Company.  After we initially spoke several years ago, Jacob sent me a letter, which I found to be timeless.  Though Jacob has since passed away, his words still ring true today.

Franklin Jacob - 841st Ordnance Company

“Being in the Army was a humbling, yet great experience,” Jacob wrote.  “I will always cherish it, but have no desire to repeat it.  While in the service, I met and still know some of the best friends I ever had.

“When I think of wars, and especially WW II, and how battles are won or lost, I have special feelings—great respect and empathy for those who gave so much for our country and won the victory. May God bless America and help everyone to remember and honor all veterans.  Their sacrifice and service secured our freedom, of which, many of them never came home to enjoy.”

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