Letters From War Wednesday: World War II – Howard Inks.

In last week’s Letters From War Wednesday, we heard from pilot-in-training James Gage. Life-long friend, Howard Inks was stationed with Gage, and also wrote home at about the same time, from Curtis Field in Brady, Texas.

“I finished my primary training at Stamford and am now at the basic school at Brady.

“I received 60 hours and eight minutes of flying in primary plus a lot of valuable ground training. Part of our flying included spins, slow rolls, snap rolls, loops, emmelmans and other acrobatics. I really enjoy flying.

“A/S James Gage finished primary and is here too. … Jim and I joined the army together and so far have been lucky enough to stay together. Of course, we think we are ‘hot pilots’, but then someone has to think so. The next eight weeks here in basic training will prove whether or not we are.

“Here in basic we have instrument flying, night flying and formation flying. We also have to learn to send and receive code. It’s going to rugged. I just got here July 4th and I have my first ride in a basic trainer tomorrow, so I will soon know more about it.”

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