Letters From War Wednesday: World War II – Jim Gage.

Hey! Hey! Time for Letters From War Wednesday! This edition features an early note home from Jim Gage, arriving in Stamford, Texas for the initial stages of pilot training. Lt. Gage would graduate the system to fly B-25 Mitchells over the South Pacific for the 13th Air Force, during World War II.

Lt. James Gage - 13th Air Force

“I am here for my primary training to be a pilot,” Gage wrote in early 1942. “This is a civilian school, but it is run by army personnel.  We have civilian instructors both for flying and in ground school.  The schedule here is so fast that actually we run from one class to the other.  There is no time wasted.

“I have been flying for about a week.  I expect to solo soon.  I really like the flying but you really have to stay ‘on the ball’ every minute.”

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