Letters From War Wednesday: Vietnam War – Eddie Wells.

Eddie Wells served in Vietnam with the 321st Artillery, 82nd Airborne Division. This July 27, 1968 note home speaks of his time up north.

Eddie Wells - 82nd Airborne Division

“Well, we finally moved.  We moved way up by the DMZ.  We are on top of a mountain.  There are mountains all around.  The only way anything can be brought into us is by helicopter.  I don’t know how long we will be here.  I hope not very long.  It rains all the time up here.  It is hard as hell to try and keep our bunkers dry.  I had to dig a trench through my bunker so the water can run out through instead of staying in the bunker.

“We have 155s on the hill with us.  We did have mortars, but I guess they are moving out.  We were in a fire mission last night and 6 or 7 rounds fell in around us.  No one was hurt though.  We found out later that some other artillery battery was firing over us and some of there rounds fell short.  That is all.”

Eddie Wells would be killed a month later by an enemy satchel charge.  He left behind a wife and new baby boy to mourn the loss.  Read the full story in EVERYTOWN, USA.

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