90th Infantry Division: “Airing of Grievances”.

Back during World War II, the 3rd Battalion, 358th Infantry, 90th Infantry Division produced a unit newspaper dubbed, Citation. In a section called, Citation Letter Box, the newspaper printed short notes from GIs. The June 9, 1945 edition was printed at Waldmunchen, Germany, while the group occupied the city at war’s end.

In commemoration of Festivus, one of the truly outstanding holidays in history, let’s get right to the “Airing of Grievances,” provided by “Some Disgusted GI.”

“CLEAN CLOTHES – We, the boys of the Infantry who fought this damn war in Germany and went through hell doing it, are a little puzzled, or shall we say disgusted. We’ve been promised new and clean clothes ever since VE-Day, but as yet, only the officers have been able to secure them.  I suppose when and if we do get new clothes, they’ll be those heavy ODs. We’d like to know why the Army can’t supply us with some ‘Sun-Tans’ to wear during the coming summer months.”

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