90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week: Falaise Gap, France.

Good Monday morning! I trust we all survived one of my favorite weekends of the year–wall-to-wall basketball.

Let’s take a gander at a truly unique 90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week. Members of a tank destroyer unit have set up shop, poised and ready to repel any German armor advance. The crew includes, left to right, Sgt. Ross A. Culbaus – Bowner’s Ferry, Idaho, Pfc. William J. Pierson – Helena, Montana and John J. Blair – Petroleum, Indiana.

I think the camouflage leaves a little to be desired. I’m not sure the shutters are quite getting the job done. The only location listed in the government photo caption is a “road near France.” The photo is dated 19 August 1944, so I’m guessing somewhere within the Falaise Gap. Any help? Does anyone recognize any of the damaged buildings in the background?

An American tank destroyer team awaits German targets - 19 August 1944. (U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo, Courtesy National Archives)

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