90th Infantry Division Pic of the Week: Flossenburg Concentration Camp.

Monday again, and we hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We here in Indiana actually saw the sun for a few hours.  I was beginning to wonder if it still existed.

Lets put a cap on April and the 66th anniversary of the liberation of the Flossenburg Concentration Camp with the 90th Infantry Division Picture of the Week.

At the Flossenburg Concentration Camp, members of the 90th and 97th Infantry Divisions inspect a ramp system used to transport dead bodies from the camp's upper level to the lower lever crematorium for incineration - April 1945. The driving rain seems appropriate given the subject matter. (U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo, Courtesy National Archives)

Those who follow the site know that I’m a sucker for “Then and Now” pictures.  Third Reich in Ruins provides an amazing look at comparable views of Flossenburg from both World War II and today, including a dual shot of the ramp system shown above.

Vintage footage of the Flossenburg Concentration Camp is also available, including General Sherman V. Hasbrouck, Commander of the 97th Division Artillery, inspecting the ramp system shown above.

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