Garveston Twelve: Lt. Gerald Hirschman.

Lt. Gerald Hirschman - Garveston Twelve

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve made several posts on waist gunner, Pete DeBrular and the Garveston Twelve.  Today, we take a brief look at another member of the Garveston Twelve–Lt. Gerald E. Hirschman.

Lt. Hirschman served as the navigator on the ill-fated B-24 bomber, piloted by Lt. Ray Sachtleben, that crashed at Garveston, England on June 4, 1944.  The entire crew of ten, along with two American fire fighters battling the ensuing blaze, were killed.

Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Hirschman, Lt. Hirschman’s parents, received a letter from Lt. Harold R. Gietz, chaplain of the 492nd Bomb Group.  “Lt. Hirschman was held in high esteem by all members of this group and received high praise from his commanding officer,” the chaplain wrote.  “We all feel his loss very keenly.”

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  1. Kay Enk says:

    Would the kind person who supplied this photograph of Gerald please contact me. Currently we are still trying to try surviving relatives. I am particularly looking for Ruther M. Lofquist and Mr. Lawrence S. Dreesen, who is a cousin of Gerald’s.

    • Judy (Kneifl) Schrader says:

      Kay: I am Judy Schrader, daughter of Roy Kneifl, and granddaughter of Madeline (Dreesen) Kneifl. Madeline was the older sister of Sena Hirschman, mother of Gerald Hirschman of this article. Your post mentions Ruther M. Lofquist, but did you mean Ruth Lofquist, sister of Gerald? I have information about this family. Lawrence Dreesen is the son of another of the Dreesen siblings, and I have quite a bit of information about the Dreesen family in case any of that is something you would like to have. The Dreesen siblings were George, Madeline, Euphrosena (Sena), Steven (father of Lawrence), and Roman. I have always been interested in Gerald’s story. I hope this helps.

      • mikemccoy says:

        Hi Judy,

        Great to hear from you. I believe that the Garveston Memorial Team is still searching for more information on your relative, Gerald Hirschman. So we are very excited to get your timely post. I am passing your information along to them, and I am sure that they will soon be in contact with you.


  2. Jeff Baker says:

    My grandfather was leo Hirschman. His mother was Anna Dreesen.
    Gerald is buried in Hartington Nebraska. My cell is 515-250 6883
    A Catholic memorial card of Gerald was in my grandfather’s possessions when he died in December 1980.

  3. Jeff Baker says:

    From what I can gather my great-grandfather Anthony Hirschman must have been Sena’ brother?

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