Now and Then: World War II – Bad Lobenstein, Germany.

Many thanks to our friend and site follower from France, Tristan, who again, has come through with a modern take on a vintage World War II photograph.  The comparable shots are from the town of Bad Lobenstein, Germany, near the Czech border.

The top photo dates circa 1980.  The bottom pic is from April 1945, and shows 90th Infantry Division soldiers loading aboard tanks for their next objective. Note the white sheets hanging from the windows signaling a peaceful surrender.  It doesn’t appear that a lot has changed in the 40 years between these shots.

Enjoy another look at World War II: Now and Then.  Thanks again, Tristan.

NOW: Bad Lobenstein, Germany - circa 1980

THEN: Bad Lobenstein, Germany - April 1945

5 Responses to “Now and Then: World War II – Bad Lobenstein, Germany”

  1. Wolfgang Löw says:

    I was born in Bad Lobenstein. For a long time I lived in the house between the 2 tanks (Adress: Markt 27).
    The US forces came to Lobenstein on April, 14th, 1945.
    The first image was taken 1930 – 1940.

    Kindly regards
    Wolfgang Loew

  2. Wolfgang Löw says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your rapid reaction!
    I lived in Lobenstein from 1947 till 1967. In Markt 27 from 1954 – 1967, my parents till 1977.
    Best regards

  3. Steven nuchterlien says:

    Hi my grandad hans Gunther neuchterlien hails from lobenstein I have no public records or many photos he was born there can anyone help thanks

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